Friday, October 30, 2009

Swine Flu Inoculations Probably Useless

The best defence against the flu is plenty of rest, some chicken soup and plenty of fluids. Flu kills people every year, this year is no exception.

I don't get the yearly flu injection because I think the wide spread inoculation of the population is a bad idea, it leaves the culture in question open to a out-of-left-field virus. I do my part by being one of those who will get the odd flu and build an immunity to it, your welcome.

I know the new swine flu vaccine being circulated now is a Tami-flu type and is unlikely to be effective against the new round of H5N1, as it has mutated around the world in the interim.

In fact (and - this is entirely my take - I haven't seen anyone suggest this possibility) the inoculation of farm-workers with this Tami-flu type vaccine may introduce the morphed disease back into the swine population - resulting in the next round - being a truly pandemic version. I am of the opinion that the source of the swine flu is the inhuman conditions in which we raise livestock - in the current industrial farming model the flu jumps from swine to human farmer-worker and back to swine and so on until it morphs enough to jump from human to human. The key though, I reiterate is the in-human conditions animals are subjected to in factory farms.

Last years events that resulted in the WTO declaring a Pandemic, and the Bird flu hysteria a few years back, have taught me the experts don't know how to predict the coarse virus's will take over generations - there are too many variables. The impetus towards researching and distributing these vaccines isn't therefore good science - but rather the private profit and the funding of the process. Don't get me wrong I believe we need the infrastructure to create vaccines, and this may be one of the reasons we're going through the process - those in positions of power realize that a vaccine for a true pandemic will take months to produce and months more to produce widely enough to have effect - the result will be 1000's of deaths and injury. With out this hysteria the funding for the process's we're going to need Someday will fall idle and become necrotic.

Finally, President Obama is surrounded by advisors who are telling him scary things - but if I have gleaned these ideas surely he must be aware of these other perspectives as well - he therefore must be aware when he talks to his close advisors on health care he is looking into the eye-ball of the private medical colossus. He thus has to choose which fight to fight first.

The public consultation process which is leading to a health reform bill in in it's final phases, he knows this same attempt by the Clinton administration resulted in it's neutering (yes, my allusion is intentional). I expect President Obama has chosen to put this to one side; by calling this an emergency he on the one hand shows the benefit of a centralized health care system and on the other, satisfies the greedy beast with the subsequent cash flow in the near term. Win Win.

This from who's article entitled "Obama Administration Launches Deceptive Swine Flu Propaganda Blitz" is slightly hysterical - in the opposite direction to the spectacle media - but has some data to back up their assertions:

"The recent CBS Investigative Report, published on October 21, is one example. After the CDC refused to honor CBS’s Freedom of Information request to receive flu infection data for each individual state, the network performed independent outreach to all fifty states to get their statistics. Their report contradicts dramatically the CDC’s public relations blitz. For example, in California, among the approximate 13,000 flu-like cases, 86 percent tested negative for any flu strain. In Florida, out of 8,853 cases, 83 percent were negative. In Georgia and Alaska, only 2.4 percent and 1 percent respectively tested positive for flu virus among all reported flu-like cases. If the infectious-rate ratios obtained by CBS are accurate, the CDC’s figures are significantly reduced and agree with earlier predictions that the H1N1 virus will be simply an unwelcomed annoyance. So we are in the midst of an enormous medical hoax, a design and purpose that has yet to unfold completely, that will nevertheless reap huge revenues for the vaccine industrial complex."

Good sum up of the science, with out so much hysteria at

CBS News Investigates - October 21, 2009.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Could Quantum Mechanics be a Function of Gravity and Orbit/Spin?

Could Quantum probabilities be a function of gravity, spin, and orbit?

In this model the fabric that holds the universe together is the interaction of proximate inertia fields, rather than Einstein's space/time. Time is determinate to inertia fields, as is space/time.

In this model I propose that Gravity (mass) and orbit/spin (the inertial qualities of a mass in motion) should be understood to be instant in its effect over distance; and weakened by distance.

So, for example the various inertial fields effecting an atom in the CERN particle accelerator - starting with the weakest - would be:

  • the inertia of nearby galaxies,
  • the spin of the milky way,
  • the movements proximate stars,
  • the spin of the sun,
  • the spin of all the planets in our solar system,
  • the orbit of the moon,
  • the spin of the mass of the earth,
  • and so on.

The pulls of each acting at infinite speed, weakening proportionately over distance, and functioning over time.

Thus, quantum probabilities are a map of the effects of the billions of proximate fields tearing at the electromagnetic force at a subatomic level.


Without spin the world would not exist as we know it, all the matter would be shrunk down to a small dense ball.


(To be continued! Constructive criticism welcome.)


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Personal Blog of Don McArthur

Back a few months back, I posted a comment at The Personal Blog of Don McArthur that he thought was 'snotty', he hence blocked my IP and every IP I've tried since (Canada?).

It's his right, but not, I think, in the spirit of the thing.

All my readers and Don's who may be wondering why I haven't been around there, should know.

This is what blogs are for in my opinion.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cosmology's 'Spinning Bucket' Problem

Explain this:

Hang a bucket from a rope, full of water -- spin the bucket until the water begins to spin with the bucket.

Why does the water become concave? The Water cups up the sides of the bucket, the travel, consistent with it's velocity.

Obviously, The friction of the spinning bucket imparts energy into the water and eventually the water achieves close to 100% of the velocity of the spinning bucket (minus heat).

But why does the spinning water crawl up the sides of the bucket? The water never goes faster than the spinning bucket. The energy required to raise the water up the sides against gravity must be tremendous. Where does the energy come from?

The answer is that the water, outside the influence of the proximate spin of the earth's mass, is spherical. Time/spin, 'flattens' mass and energy; the natural state of the universe is the shape we see in large masses, the sphere.

As energy is imparted over time, the water begins to assume it's own "gravity well", the spin is how we see the creation of a field, inside the rather weak, earth gravity well field.

This is a first hand example of how proximate fields interact. A clue to the voyager anomalies, and the distant red shift anomalies as well as the missing mass problem.

ScienceBlogs Cosmology link.

FilterBlogs Cosmology link.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Large Hadron Collider - Why Bury 8 Billion Dollars Under Europe?

From a great article in the New Yorker, A Cosmology "Crash Course" by Elizabeth Kolbert.

Below, Elizabeth sketches the link between cosmological theory and practical matters, like public money (my added links):

"In 1969, the Congressional Joint Committee on Atomic Energy held a hearing at which the physicist Robert Wilson was called to testify. Wilson, who had served as the chief of experimental nuclear physics for the Manhattan Project, was at that point the head of CERN’s main rival, Fermilab, and in charge of $250 million that Congress had recently allocated for the lab to build a new collider. Senator John Pastore, of Rhode Island, wanted to know the rationale behind a government expenditure of that size. Did the collider have anything to do with promoting “the security of the country”?:

Wilson: No sir, I don’t believe so.

Pastore: Nothing at all?

Nothing at all.

Pastore: It has no value in that respect?:

Wilson: It only has to do with the respect with which we regard one another, the dignity of men, our love of culture. . . . It has to do with are we good painters, good sculptors, great poets? I mean all the things we really venerate in our country and are patriotic about. . . . It has nothing to do directly with defending our country except to make it worth defending.

Asked to explain how their work, supported by public funds, contributes to the public good, particle physicists often cite Wilson, or offer some variation on his non-answer answer: the search for knowledge cannot be justified on other grounds; its value, like the particles under study, is irreducible."


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Thursday, July 12, 2007

China REALLY Serious About Melamine Contamination In Food

Poisonous Glycol's recently found in Pet foods, toothpaste and medicine, made in China, has lead the Chinese government to act, harshly.

From The Guardian Unlimited

"State media announced yesterday that Zheng Xiaoyu - former director of the State Food and Drug Administration - has been executed less than two months after being sentenced."

Image from Xinhua News

I guess the Chinese Really like Free Trade.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Transportation Sector Should Follow Boeings 787 Lead

From: Boeing 787 Dreamliner Home

The Boeing 787, built from carbon-fiber composites, is far lighter and thus more fuel efficient...

(Boeing 787 unveiling, from

From an article by Elizabeth M. Gillespie published last month in The Honolulu Advertiser Online,

"The 787 will be the first large commercial airliner built mostly from light, sturdy composite materials instead of aluminum, making the plane more fuel-efficient and less expensive to maintain. Not only that but the manufacturing process is revolutionary.

Boeing has lined up a vast network of suppliers around the globe that are manufacturing large pieces of the 787, which are then flown on a superfreighter to the final assembly plant in Everett, north of Seattle, where the plane is essentially snapped together."

The entire transportation sector should be forced by government, if necessary, to achieve 100mpg. as soon as is feasible though this light weight strategy.

An interesting contradiction comes to mind that could slow things down in government...

In the online publication "The Project For A New American Century/Rebuilding Americas Defenses" (pdf) the Empirists from American Enterprise Institute envision a global army, which use heavy Humvee's that are able to carry armor plate.

The society that makes the switch to light-weight carbon fiber transportation model would have a more expensive army, due to efficiencies of scale.

Technological progress is anathema to war.


Rocky Mountain Institute, Winning The Oil End Game/Executive Summary.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Home