Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Personal Blog of Don McArthur

Back a few months back, I posted a comment at The Personal Blog of Don McArthur that he thought was 'snotty', he hence blocked my IP and every IP I've tried since (Canada?).

It's his right, but not, I think, in the spirit of the thing.

All my readers and Don's who may be wondering why I haven't been around there, should know.

This is what blogs are for in my opinion.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cosmology's 'Spinning Bucket' Problem

Explain this:

Hang a bucket from a rope, full of water -- spin the bucket until the water begins to spin with the bucket.

Why does the water become concave? The Water cups up the sides of the bucket, the travel, consistent with it's velocity.

Obviously, The friction of the spinning bucket imparts energy into the water and eventually the water achieves close to 100% of the velocity of the spinning bucket (minus heat).

But why does the spinning water crawl up the sides of the bucket? The water never goes faster than the spinning bucket. The energy required to raise the water up the sides against gravity must be tremendous. Where does the energy come from?

The answer is that the water, outside the influence of the proximate spin of the earth's mass, is spherical. Time/spin, 'flattens' mass and energy; the natural state of the universe is the shape we see in large masses, the sphere.

As energy is imparted over time, the water begins to assume it's own "gravity well", the spin is how we see the creation of a field, inside the rather weak, earth gravity well field.

This is a first hand example of how proximate fields interact. A clue to the voyager anomalies, and the distant red shift anomalies as well as the missing mass problem.

ScienceBlogs Cosmology link.

FilterBlogs Cosmology link.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Large Hadron Collider - Why Bury 8 Billion Dollars Under Europe?

From a great article in the New Yorker, A Cosmology "Crash Course" by Elizabeth Kolbert.

Below, Elizabeth sketches the link between cosmological theory and practical matters, like public money (my added links):

"In 1969, the Congressional Joint Committee on Atomic Energy held a hearing at which the physicist Robert Wilson was called to testify. Wilson, who had served as the chief of experimental nuclear physics for the Manhattan Project, was at that point the head of CERN’s main rival, Fermilab, and in charge of $250 million that Congress had recently allocated for the lab to build a new collider. Senator John Pastore, of Rhode Island, wanted to know the rationale behind a government expenditure of that size. Did the collider have anything to do with promoting “the security of the country”?:

Wilson: No sir, I don’t believe so.

Pastore: Nothing at all?

Nothing at all.

Pastore: It has no value in that respect?:

Wilson: It only has to do with the respect with which we regard one another, the dignity of men, our love of culture. . . . It has to do with are we good painters, good sculptors, great poets? I mean all the things we really venerate in our country and are patriotic about. . . . It has nothing to do directly with defending our country except to make it worth defending.

Asked to explain how their work, supported by public funds, contributes to the public good, particle physicists often cite Wilson, or offer some variation on his non-answer answer: the search for knowledge cannot be justified on other grounds; its value, like the particles under study, is irreducible."


FilterBlogs reduction: Hover Cars. We want Hover Cars!

FilterBlogs Cosmology label.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

China REALLY Serious About Melamine Contamination In Food

Poisonous Glycol's recently found in Pet foods, toothpaste and medicine, made in China, has lead the Chinese government to act, harshly.

From The Guardian Unlimited

"State media announced yesterday that Zheng Xiaoyu - former director of the State Food and Drug Administration - has been executed less than two months after being sentenced."

Image from Xinhua News

I guess the Chinese Really like Free Trade.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Transportation Sector Should Follow Boeings 787 Lead

From: Boeing 787 Dreamliner Home

The Boeing 787, built from carbon-fiber composites, is far lighter and thus more fuel efficient...

(Boeing 787 unveiling, from

From an article by Elizabeth M. Gillespie published last month in The Honolulu Advertiser Online,

"The 787 will be the first large commercial airliner built mostly from light, sturdy composite materials instead of aluminum, making the plane more fuel-efficient and less expensive to maintain. Not only that but the manufacturing process is revolutionary.

Boeing has lined up a vast network of suppliers around the globe that are manufacturing large pieces of the 787, which are then flown on a superfreighter to the final assembly plant in Everett, north of Seattle, where the plane is essentially snapped together."

The entire transportation sector should be forced by government, if necessary, to achieve 100mpg. as soon as is feasible though this light weight strategy.

An interesting contradiction comes to mind that could slow things down in government...

In the online publication "The Project For A New American Century/Rebuilding Americas Defenses" (pdf) the Empirists from American Enterprise Institute envision a global army, which use heavy Humvee's that are able to carry armor plate.

The society that makes the switch to light-weight carbon fiber transportation model would have a more expensive army, due to efficiencies of scale.

Technological progress is anathema to war.


Rocky Mountain Institute, Winning The Oil End Game/Executive Summary.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Home


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

NASA's Heliophysics Team Begins Processing Themis Mission Data

Processing Themis Mission Data to get us hover cars!

From the
THEMIS Mission press release of June 7, 2007

"All stored science and engineering data are recovered regularly with a success rate of nearly 100% across the constellation. The THEMIS ground systems continue to function very well."

From the
THEMIS orbits page:

Stage 1: Injection or “Coast” Phase
2/15/07 - 9/15/07

Right after launch all spacecraft are lined up in the same orbit with a 15.4 Re apogee.

Stage 2: Orbit Placement Phase
9/15/07 - 12/15/07

The orbit placement phase is also called “Dawn phase” because the apogee of the orbits are on the dawn side of the magnetosphere. Probe 1 apogee is at 30 Re, Probe 2 at 20 Re, Probes 3 and 4 at 12 Re, and Probe 5 at 10 Re.

Stage 3: Tail Science Phase
12/15/07 – 4/15/08

In the tail science phase the apogee of the orbits are in the magnetotail. Probe 1 apogee is at 30 Re, Probe 2 at 20 Re, Probes 3 and 4 at 12 Re, and Probe 5 at 10 Re.

See more at the THEMIS
Mission Page

Check out the THEMIS mission video page for a NASA science briefing.

(scroll down untill you see this icon :)


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Space Station Navigation Computer Hit By Electrical Surge - Space Station Could Spiral To Earth!

When Space Station Astronauts were hooking up a new solar panel on Friday, a static charge surged through the power system from the new solar array and fried the main navigation computer.

Ultimately the station could spiral out of orbit.

The fried Space Station computer controlled the orientation of the station. Attitude control will be the determining factor if they have to abandon ship. If the station begins to roll, inertia could tear it apart. Any roll must be quickly corrected before it effects the astronauts ability to work on solving the computer part of the problem.

Image credit: NASA TV

Oxygen and water supply have had to be jerry-rigged to by pass ruined switches in the computer.

From the BBC

Without the Russian oxygen machine running, the space station has a 56-day supply of oxygen left. "If we are in that position, we have an option to depart," Mr Suffredini (ISS programme manager for the US space agency) said.

Tonight, I saw on TV, a report the Russians were thinking of launching a rocket, carrying a replacement replica Russian computer.

If they have the time...

NASA, Friday morning statement:

Earlier in the day, International Space Station Program Manager Mike Suffredini told reporters Russian and U.S. flight controllers and engineers are focusing on efforts for recovering the computers and options to maintain attitude control until the problem is resolved.

"..options to maintain attitude control..."

I wonder if they should drop trying to fix the computer, and jerry-rig some way to fire the stabilizers.

The get away vehicle is still in orbit with the station, it's scheduled to be there for three more days. NASA's thinking on how to use the shuttles rockets to stabilize the station as well.

Can they take everyone off the station, on one shuttle flight?

Will they have to?

Exciting stuff!


Friday, June 15, 2007

Cosmologys' Standard Model In Crisis: A Solution Could Be 'Propagating Bubbles'

UPDATED July 22, '07 4:44 AM.

A 'bubble' or 'onion' theory of cosmology.

A continuously expanding series of bubbles (a propagating bubble), each in succession; related to the next, and the one before by a mathematical function - thus creating a linear mathematical quality
(a Higgs field) related to all corresponding points of the wave propagation. IE. sun light - but particular in all wave lengths.

Thus, a quality is discernible in the logic that embodies energy, time, and matter, in the form of a wave that is omnipresent - and that ties quantum functions to galactic scale observations.

These interactions create new fields that will eventually cause the collapse of the universe. Or, in other words, the relationships between all the meshing 'propagating bubbles', is the depository of the missing energy in the standard model.

  • The Pioneer anomaly is a result of the meshing of the solar propagating bubble and the milky ways' galactic one.
  • The irreconcilable measurements we're getting from red shift observations in deep space, are the result of the effects of the meshing of the propagating bubble on some wavelengths, and differently on others.

The theory unifies all forces by conditioning everything by their unique quantum functions as qualities of the propagating field.

Gravity in this model is effected over distance by these forces, thus gravity it is not instantaneous everywhere. We need to uncover a function that describes this to get a true picture of deep space.

Right now it's like we suffer a collective astigmatism. A starting point to understanding the properties that will form the prescription (a mathematical function), is in the interaction of earth, and near earth, fields - like the interface of the oceans and the atmosphere, or the solar wind and the magnetosphere - the fields we know best. We begin by mapping the medium of space, until we can see clearly, that we can then begin to map space itself.

That's it. That's my take.

The reading I did today, gave me the term 'propagating waves' or 'scalar waves' which allowed me to visualize the thing.

Thanks to 'RB' for the 'scalar' link.

Scalar Waves Source

Figure this stuff out, and we get 'hover cars'.


Monday, February 19, 2007

NASA's Themis Rocket Blasting Off To Get Us 'Hover Cars'

Originally published February 12, 2007

NASA Video! of Themis lift-off (Quick Time Player)

February 16, 2007 6:08 PM EST
NASA's Themis Mission Lift Off - Hi Resolution Pictures
Mapping The Bow Wave Of Planet Earth
(to get us hover cars)
Photo: NASA

The bands of iridescent light we see as the Northern(or Southern) Lights are the collision of the solar wind and the earths magnetosphere. The Themis Mission will deploy five satellites equipped with ultraviolet sensors that will study this phenomena in more detail than ever before.

Once the satellites are in their proper orbits, they will line up above the north polar region every four days for 2 years. The Thimes mission will thoroughly map the northern lights; from the light we can see here on earth to the distant wave nodes they create beyond the orbit of the moon. NASA will gather data that could be used to create a four dimensional map of solar wind deflecting off the earths magnetosphere(x,y and z axis plus time).

Up until recently(1970s) space was thought to be mostly empty; now scientists are finding all kinds of stuff up there. The Themis Mission is one of several first steps humans are taking to map the medium of space. The European Space Agency has several mapping expeditions under way using different elemental particles as media.

Like a boat through the water, scientists theorize that the planet, the solar system and even the milky way galaxy create 'bow waves' in front of them as they move through space.(see image at the bottom of this story)

As the earth orbits the sun it creates a bow wave in front of it as it swings through space. The earths bow wave creates electrical storms above the north and south polar regions we see as 'Arora borealis'.

An understanding of how large masses effect the medium of space will help illuminate what Space is made up of.

A better map of the invisible matter in the universe will help cosmologists with their modeling. If they can't find all the 'dark matter' that their models predict is out there, we'll have to throw out Newtons law of Inertia and much of Einsteins Relativity. That would set us back a hundred years in our search for the Grand Unified Theory.

The Grand Unified Theory (G.U.T.) is a model that can describe both massive events like the the rotation of the solar system; and nano events like how molecules change.

If solved, the GUT will get us those 'Hover Cars' Sci/Fi has been predicting since the genre was invented.

That's what this is really all about you know, Hover Cars.

We want Hover Cars!

Image courtesy NASA

Themis gets a pay load, Feburary 10,2007

May 27, 2007
New link at NASA just came to my attention -- with event/time data.
NASA Video! of Themis lift-off (Quick Time Player)

NASA Heliophysics Division (Missions)


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cosmology Interactive Mash up Fun

Q) What do these links have in common(check out each colored link and try your answer A, B, C and D, at the bottom).

Themis Mission
Advanced Concepts Team
Bow Wave of the Solar System
Aurora Borealis
Grand Unified Theory
Curved Space
The Jetson's

ANSWER: click the red letters

A. PBS show ZOOM?
B. Karl Rove's plan to Win in '08?
C. Goddesses?
D. Hover Cars?

Interactive learning technology Mashup


Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Birth of My First Widget: I'm officially a Geek!

Today I am happy to announce the birth of my first widget.

Completely self taught we've been trying to conceive for 2 months now.

Conceived in bed late night a day and a half ago; I rushed to the keyboard yesterday morning and began writing the code on my blogger template. The birth was smooth, with few complications. Other than the fact the blogger code over ruled my color choice on the buttons, and the bigged up letters kept appearing off the button; but we got that fixed and simpled it down pretty good I think.

I've been so busy I forgot to send out an announcement, or cards to anyone until today; Thanks everyone for your support. Have a some code, enjoy!

I'm officially a Geek!

I know it's nothing new, but it's my widget and I love it!



  • Sunday, January 28, 2007

    Climate Change, Ocean Currents: New Species of Fish?

    climate change, this years El Nino, changing patterns in the ocean's currents, have 'funneled' this prehistoric fish into shallow waters?

    From National Geographic News

    ..a frilled shark swims at Japan's Awashima Marine Park on Sunday, January 21, 2007. Sightings of living frilled sharks are rare, because the fish generally remain thousands of feet beneath the water's surface. Spotted by a fisher on January 21, this 5.3-foot (160-centimeter) shark was transferred to the marine park, where it was placed in a seawater pool... ..the "living fossil" died hours after it was caught.

    —Ted Chamberlain


    Friday, January 26, 2007

    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

    Every letter of the English alphabet is used in this Pangram. Read from left to right, top to bottom; follow the dots back up to the sentence to confirm.

    This sentence is used to make sure the keys on typewriters and computer keyboards are working.


    Mobile phone use 'linked to tumour'

    Long-term users of mobile phones are significantly more likely to develop a certain type of brain tumour on the side of the head where they hold their handsets, according to new research.

    A large-scale study found that those who had regularly used mobiles for longer than 10 years were almost 40 per cent more likely to develop nervous system tumours called gliomas near to where they hold their phones.

    The new research, to be published later this year in the International Journal of Cancer, is the second study to suggest increased risks of specific types of brain tumours in regions close to where mobile phone emissions enter the head.

    However, a number of other studies have found no increased health risks associated with mobile phone use.


    Monday, January 22, 2007

    Researchers have installed a molecular engine into a "car" just a few billionths of a metre long

    Image: Takashi Sasaki/Rice University

    14 April 2006 news service
    Tom Simonite

    "Jim Tour and colleagues at Rice University in Houston, US, built a chassis and wheels for a nano-car from organic molecules...

    The nano-car's molecular motor contains a pair of bonded carbon molecules that rotate in one direction if illuminated by a specific wavelength of light."

    12:18 22 January 2007 news service
    Tom Simonite

    "..researchers at the Free University of Berlin in Germany and the Center for Material Elaboration & Structural Studies in Toulouse, France"...

    ..using an electron microscope, have produced images of the nanowheels in action...
    "..hundreds of these "nanowheels" were sprayed onto a sheet of copper. The researchers then used the tip of a scanning tunnelling electron microscope (STEM) to push individual molecules across a copper surface."

    As soon as a Nano-movie of the light powered Nanowheels or a Nanocar become available I will load it here at SCIENCE BLOGS, and at the fast breaking site MICHAEL HOLLOWAY'S FilterBlogs.


    Wednesday, January 17, 2007

    Super Bowl Marketing on DIGG

    On January 16.2007 an article appeared on DIGG, the democratically edited news site.

    This DIGG story placement was a carefully engineered piece; it was designed to create a buzz Diggers think they are joining.

    This is a new type of marketing campaign developed by called a Viral Video Product Placement. This is how it works...

    This is the piece that appeared on DIGG:

    I'm Blogging! Pay Attention to Me!

    Rand sent me the above comic strip and instructed me to let it inspire me (it seems he enjoys giving me the occasional homework assignment), and the first thing I thought of when I read it was, "Why do people blog?"

    The Title of the piece draws you in; people like to read about themselves or connect with a group of people like themselves. The first line promises a cartoon by clicking on the story. Now your at and viola the Cartoon:

    The site looks like an ordinary new-business blog site, inter-office chatter. The cartoon is funny, so you read the piece about blogging.

    It turns out the community of people here are really nice. You find out that Someone knows Someone who's going to propose marriage during the Super Bowl! Clicking the link confirms JP is going to pop the question. Not only that, but there's some Buzz developing around this, a radio spot, an appearance on Good Morning America... ..and a marketing company is involved and "the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital will also benefit from the buzz"

    The DIGG story placement was a carefully engineered piece of writing; it was designed to create the buzz they pretend you are now joining.

    This is a new type of marketing campaign called a Viral Video Product Placement, according to the strategy plays out like this:

    "the bride-to-be will be under the impression that her smart and wonderful boyfriend was able to win them and some friends a Super Bowl party (compliments of a major corporate sponsor)."

    "the potential bride and groom-to-be, along with several of their closest friends, will be filmed by their corporate sponsor, enjoying the game and the product that has paid for their good time"

    "suddenly the image of the groom-to-be appears on the (TV) screen (at the party). The venue filled with friends and the bride-to-be, as well as the rest of America, will be viewing the much anticipated proposal that has been building a media frenzy over the past several weeks"

    "viewers will view the web address of where they can go to see the response video that was taped during and AFTER the television proposal."

    To sum up the idea... the corporate and media savy 'average American guy' sets up a free corporate party during the Super Bowl , which is being filmed; then the proposal of marriage comes on the TV in the party venue - which the television audience is watching - them watch, - at the end of the spot a web address comes up. The television audience can't believe it and America rushes to their computers. The web site resolves the brides answer to the question - but not all the machinations of how it came about. The buzz could last days until we all figure out what happened around the water cooler at work.

    Well, now you're ready, now you know, now you can be the smart hip one.

    By the way - what is 'Super Bowl'?


    Tuesday, January 16, 2007

    Before You Click SPAM...

    January 15, 2007

    Allison Randal at Radar O'Reilly in an article entitled "Spamonomics 101" recieved this useful bit of insight from Ken Simpson of MailChannels an Email Security Solutions Company,

    Ken Simpson says:

    "Those messages are sent by spammers to poison the spam filters. When someone receives a message full of gibberish and reports it as spam, the spam filters tune themselves to recognize gibberish as spam—which reduces their overall accuracy."

    When your cleaning your E-mail In-box, check the content of mail you'd usually not even look at. If it's gibberish as noted above don't SPAM it; DELETE instead.

    Sunday, January 14, 2007

    NASA Movie of Black Hole at the Centre of the Milky Way Galaxy

    Sgr A*: Fast Stars Near the Galactic Center

    The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

    Explanation: Why are these stars moving so fast? Shown above is a time-lapse movie in infrared light detailing how stars in the central light-year of our Galaxy have moved over the past eight years. The yellow mark at the image center represents the location of a peculiar radio source named Sgr A*. If these fast stars are held to the Galactic Center by gravity, then the central object exerting this gravity must be both compact and massive. Analysis of the stellar motions indicates that over one million times the mass of our Sun is somehow confined to a region less than a fifth of a light-year across. Astronomers interpret these observations as strong evidence that the center of our Galaxy is home to a very massive black hole.

    Source APOD