Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Global Warming May Create A Pole Shift.

I call this idea a "Gaia Top". It embraces an idea first presented by Prof. James Lovelock, in 1979- that the earth is a single life form, we, perhaps billions of bacteria on her skin.

If we choose this hypothesis we see our actions have consequences; the macro becomes linked to the individual, or the collective. A dialectic emerges. Understanding the earth as a "Gaia Top" may shine a light into the functioning of Global Warming.

Imagine the earth as a spinning top; this top is complex though: it has rock, liquid some frozen distributed here and there. When Global warming begins to melt the frozen poles of this special top, the resultant liquid will be redistributed by the centrifugal forces to the equator. The oceans will rise higher at the equator than away from it!

Question: What effect will migrating densities have on the axis? Will the poles shift or wobble?

Could this account for the reversing of polarities we find in all volcanic rock? Work has been done on these physics at Departments of Physics; One I looked up was titled: Optimization of Turbine Disk Profiles by Metamorphic Development. So the math is out there and the computing capacity.

After I've done more research, I will update this idea.

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